web3con 2022

30 speakers. 17+ hours of high quality content. $65k prize pool. 600+ hackers. In one week, people from around the world gathered in virtual spaces to learn more about web3, build projects using blockchain tech, and just hang out.

Thank you to our attendees for joining our first event, to our speakers for sharing your knowledge, to our judges for selecting the winners, and to our sponsors for making this event happen.

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2022 Winners

Grand Prize



Description We’ve built a reward-based translation system. The main system is set up through a browser extension and it includes 5 steps. First, when you click the extension on the original English web page. It calls DeepL APIs to generate the translated draft and stores it into FireStore, a cloud document database organizing data in a key-value way. We still need translators to proofread the draft, though DeepL has done a good job. Translators review the results in FireStore and modify mistakes.

After that, our extension transfers corrected drafts into permanent stores, Arweave, utilizing Koii Network. Koii network is a middle layer between the application layer and the storage layer. Introducing concepts of attention, Koii Network helps users store materials in AR and get attention rewards when people browse their contents with its smart contract. Our system works along the same line. Through Koii Network, a draft is divided into a few pieces and they are minted into NFTs, which belong to translators.

Finally, click the extension, it reads translation NFTs from Koii Network and displays them on users’ screens. In this progress, owners of translation NFTs, translators, are supposed to get rewards due to the attention mechanism of Koii Network. The higher quality your translation is, the more rewards you will obtain. Through such positive feedback, translators get paid, and users have a better understanding of projects’ contents.

Runner Up

$10,000 + $1000


+ Polygon Best dApp Built on Polygon Bounty Winner

Description We have developed a blockchain agnostic user interface where any one from developer to normal user can interact with any smart contract on any blockchain. This tool basically helps developers but can be used by normal people as well. Our tool helps solve below issues: 1. If you are a smart contract developer and use hardhat or other environments, you often tend to copy the code to remix and try to compile there and then interact with contracts from there. Even after you have compiled and generated an abi in your development environment already. 2. Already deployed contracts interaction, Even if the contracts are verified, published and the ABI is publicly available you cannot interact them in your remix(Either you have to copy complete code also take care of imported contracts etc.,).

Sponsor Bounties



Decentology Smart Contract Developers Bounty Winner

Description Fluidity is a bootstrapping utility for DAOs / Organizations to sell an NFT for ETH while “streaming” their token to the NFT owner/buyer over a set vesting period. With Fluidity, DAOs can set up their NFT contract and their members can mint and purchase these NFTs for ETH which kicks off a stream of DAO tokens over a month. This reduces the sell pressure on their token and diversifies their treasure with stable and usable tokens. Fluidity is built on Decentology Hyperverse. With Hyperverse, we’ve built a custom Smart Module which integrates Superfluid contracts. We’ve also built a template front-end leveraging the Hyperverse libraries, which allows DAOs to setup their NFT contracts and for their users to mint their NFTs which will kick off the stream of tokens.



Decentology Smart Contract Developers Bounty Winner

Description We built Web3-Tribes with one goal in mind: to bring the web3 communities together and help connect as many web3 enthusiasts and developers as possible. Web3-Tribes also allows users to have control over their content. Since Web3-Tribes is a decentralized project the users will be the owners of their content and a central authority will not be able to take down their speech, posts etc. Web3-Tribes also helps in connecting members from different organizations and DAOs to connect and share their thoughts and experiences on different topics.

Father and Son


Decentology JavaScript Developers Bounty Winner

Description Fundraising is the lifeblood of any K-12 school system. Fundraising is one of the key ways they fund team activities. A fundraising application on the blockchain could provide an exciting way for organizations to raise funding via NFT fundraising.



Decentology JavaScript Developers Bounty Winner

Description We have developed a NFT based social AR App that creates new connections and fosters networking in live events to match like minded people in the community with ease of swinging a phone in AR. The NFT match score helps user meet fellow mates with similar interests in conferences and gallery events. The NFT Carousel feature helps people skim NFT collection of folks in proximity. The AR Projection feature also gives power to community to showcase their work or remix collection of various NFT collectors realtime during events which can be projected to do community feature.

Team Treehouse


Polygon Best dApp Built on Polygon Bounty Winner

Description An NFT project with the dual purpose of helping the environment, along with providing utility in the form of a metaverse asset. Our NFTs are aesthetic tree houses that customers can add to their collection, while knowing that the proceeds will go to climate focused DAOs such as Klima.

DAO Realtor


Polygon Best dApp Built on Polygon Bounty Winner

Description We have built a Decentralised Autonomous Platform for Real estate investment that is KYC & AML compliant. This platform connects real estate developers and a large pool of investors that will be confident investing in a real estate project regardless of where the project is located through the help of a local real estate expert that will be able to convince them in a transparent manner.



Polygon Best dApp Built on Polygon Bounty Winner

Description Our team has built a decentralized, privacy focused email application called D-emails. D-emails is deployed on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet. Our UI was built from scratch specifically for this project. D-emails allows users to use their wallet (i.e Metamask) to access an inbox where they can send and receive encrypted messages. This project utilizes a decentralized persistent database called GunDB database to store user emails and is hosted on Fleek. We are using a GunDB to maintain decentralization and give every user their own database. Users will be assigned a unique string URL which is stored on our smart contract. Additionally, prior to sending an email, the user has to sign the message to verify the email is being sent by the person they claim to be.



Polygon Best dApp Built on Polygon Bounty Winner

Description Our project is called Web3Preferences: A platform that allows various browser preferences and accessibility settings to be shared globally among decentralized applications. Firstly, we designed a site that allows users to add/update their preferences for supporting applications. These changes are saved in the IPFS as a json file, which is then sent with their address to the smart contract. Secondly, we developed a Node.js package the allows developers to access these preferences for every user who has added them.

Team Enigma


Polygon Best dApp Built on Polygon Bounty Winner

Description NFTLoan is an NFT based collateralized loan protocol that is wrapped in ETH for effective pricing thereby increasing their ability to be used as collateral. This protocol is mainly to achieve: Better pricing for NFT assets Fixed interest for lenders. Short dated price on these assets with premium paid to lender.



Filecoin & IPFS 1st Place Bounty Winner

Description Primero is the world’s first web3 online learning platform and marketplace that revolutionizes access to courses and skills in developing countries in Africa and Latin America. Primero seeks to impact student populations by allowing them to leapfrog technology cycles and equip them with web3 skills and resources. We also aim to create new income sources for instructors who create course material. Courses are designed as NFTs. Courses are purchased with crypto wallets via a Student Portal and accessed via an NFT. Certificates of completion are issued as NFTs. Instructors upload their content via an Instructor Portal and will be paid for courses in crypto by the platform. Unused courses and subscriptions can be sold as NFTs in the marketplace or on OS.

Team MerkleMe


Filecoin & IPFS 2nd Place Bounty Winner

Description MerkleMe is a tool that allows you to create a whitelist for your projects without needing to understand or implement your own Merkle Trees. It also provides the ability to generate Merkle proofs on the fly for any given address without the need to run your own node server. With MerkleMe, adding a whitelist to your project is as simple as copy + paste and integrating one simple post request into your frontend.

Dev Sharks


Filecoin & IPFS 3rd Place Bounty Winner

Description We invented a simple, composable standard for time-limited rights: leases, to complement the deeds defined in ERC-721. We invented a simple structure that makes it easy to express a lease in terms of asset and timeframe, and to transfer leases - even to break them apart into smaller units. We created an ERC-targeted Ethereum Improvement Proposal for the use and review by the community. Getting this right and prepared was a real bit of work! https://github.com/rhdeck/time-limited-token/blob/main/eip-time-limited-tokens.md And we built an example implementation of the lease, deployed as a simple app for leasing and transferring parts of leases. In the spirit of subletting, we called it Web3-n-B: https://shy-fire-7283.on.fleek.co/



Filecoin & IPFS Prize Pool Bounty Winner

Description We have build a toolkit platform for creating and customizing certificates, mint them into NFTs, and send them immediately to students. The user, which will be course instructors here, will have the freedom to customize a certificate and brand it according to their brand. Then, add list of students and their wallet addresses and then simply click mint button to send the NFT certificates to their student..it's simple as it sounds. Meritblock is been build on Polygon for it’s lower gas fees, so it could be adopted by many course creators right away, and IPFS for permanent storage, so if Meritblock is down the minted certificates will not be affected.

Team Sudo


Filecoin & IPFS Prize Pool Bounty Winner

Description We have built a web application where people can visit and draw whatever they want to with various tool adjustments. They can upload images, can capture images from their camera directly and crop, they can show their creativity in the canvas and mint it as an NFT in polygon network.

People also use this to take a snap of any with camera upload and mint it as an NFT, this will be helpful to mint their images as pfp nft and set as pfp in other applications easily. Currently we have added few adjustments in canvas like Brush radius, brush color, background color and background image. Also there is a explore page where people can checkout other people art mints.The current submission version only has limited important tools and features, planning to build a community around it as social platform.

Time Travellers DAO


Filecoin & IPFS Prize Pool Bounty Winner

Description Time Travellers DAO provides a user interface that allows every person with a MetaMask account to suggest their favourite Tweet of that day. During the day the Tweets are collected and at the end of a day (UTC) a proposal is created on Snapshot. All DAO members now can vote for the Tweet that they like the most. After the voting period has ended we mint the "winner" Tweet to the person that suggested it. Our project is fully functional and deployed. We have chosen a fully automated approach to eliminate human errors and make the project more decentralized. For more information on the implementation please consult our README.

Web 3 Edi


Filecoin & IPFS Prize Pool Bounty Winner

Description We've built a decentralized education delivery and NFT credentials platform. We enable our students to mint their courses on completion as NFTs and we enable our instructors to upload and serve their course material using IPFS.



Filecoin & IPFS Prize Pool Bounty Winner

Description Team Maxima has built a site with blockchain technology that will allow users around the world to play Wordle, a fun and popular word game. Once the users have their game results they have the ability to mint it and add an emoji along with it, as well as provide the option to support and donate to any of the organizations listed.



Filecoin & IPFS Prize Pool Bounty Winner

Description “Deschool” is a educational platform to post tutorials or contents like Udemy or Coursera.

Team Loop


Livepeer Best Video-on-Demand MVP Bounty Winner

Description A tool to let video creators add pay-per-view to their videos. Videos are uploaded and transcoded via Livepeer. They are stored in IPFS. A Polygon contract keeps track of users, videos, and purchases as well as facilitates the micro-transactions.. The Graph protocol is used to index the data for easy querying on the front-end.

Team Glitch


Livepeer Killer Web3 Video App Bounty Winner

Description We have built a token gated video streaming service. The user's wallet is checked for a nft of a collection, if the user has an nft for the collection, the user can participate in watching and creating videos for the community of the collection



Radicle Honorable Mention

Description Created a way to interact with Radicle drip communities through a standalone community UI, separate from the drips.network web app. Believe this represents a more streamlined UX for new potential donors to interact with the community and its token then navigating the drips web app

2022 Judges

Kendyl Key Decentology

Niharika Singh Decentology

Shain Dholakiya Decentology

Uttam Singh Khanduja Polygon

Sandipan Kundu Polygon

Muskan Kalra Polygon

Ally Haire Filecoin

Nassar Hayat Radicle

Shann Wells Livepeer

Paige Glowacky Livepeer

Eric Tang Livepeer

Waylon Jepsen Hedera

Gehrig Kunz Hedera

Ed Marquez Hedera

Nader Dabit Edge & Node

Pranav Maheshwari The Graph

with-heart Developer DAO

drop_knowledge Developer DAO

jazza_eth Developer DAO

Dhaiwat Pandya Developer DAO

Daeshawn.eth Developer DAO

kempsterrrr.eth Developer DAO

narbeh.eth Developer DAO

sarahz.eth Developer DAO


Developer DAO

rahat.eth Developer DAO

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