web3con hackathon

February 28-March 6, 2022

Bring your friends and make new ones during this event to help build the future of the internet and for the chance to win prizes! Get your projects in front of web3 leaders.

Registration might be closed, but our DeveloperDAO job board is now open!

$65k Prize Pool

D_D Prize Bracket

$25,000 in Prizes

Grand prize: $15,000 Brought to you by Decentology & Polygon

Runner up: $10,000

Brought to you by Filecoin, Livepeer & Radicle

General Hackathon Submission Requirements

  • Your team must have 2-5 members

  • Your team members must provide Discord handles and Ethereum addresses (or ENS names) for the purpose of verifying you as registrants and providing means of distributing prizes

  • Your project must use blockchain technology and have been created during the hackathon event (February 28, 2022 12:00 AM EST to March 6, 2022 11:59 PM EST)

  • You must submit your project before March 7th using a Google form that will be made available to you shortly after the hackathon begins. Note that as part of your submission:

    • You must provide a link to a video of a team member demoing your project for at most 3 minutes
    • You must provide a link to the public repository for your project
    • You must provide a link to your live project
    • You must designate one member of your team as the lead to act as the main point of contact should we need to reach out

Judging Criteria


How technically complex is the problem that your project is tackling, and the solution that you have presented?


How complete and functional is your project? Is your project deployed? While your project does not need to be perfectly polished, the solution should at least be functional.


Is the project that your team is working on one that impacts people’s lives? Is this something that someone would have a use for in the real world?


Does the project address a new or unsolved problem? Does the project create a unique solution to a problem with an existing solution? Does your project solve a current problem we face in web2?

The only hard requirement for your hackathon project is that you use blockchain technology but other then that, let your imagination go wild!

Decentology Bounty


Involving the Hyperverse, participants will create a dapp accompanied by a video walk-through.

$10,000 in Prizes

$10,000 in total prizes broken down as follows:

JavaScript Developers

10 prizes of $500

Ethereum or Flow Smart Contract Developers

5 prizes of $1,000

Bounty Submission Requirements

JavaScript Developers Prizes

  • 3-min video demonstrating the app
  • GitHub repo link with application

Ethereum or Flow Smart Contract Developers Prizes

  • GitHub repo link with smart module and sample app
  • 3-min video demonstrating the app



Polygon Bounty

$10,000 in Prizes

10 prizes of $1,000 to the Top 10 best Dapps built on Polygon


Getting Started


Filecoin Bounty


The best use of IPFS and/or Filecoin for content addressing and decentralized storage (projects that use them indirectly via NFT.storage, web3.storage, Fleek, Textile, or other tooling also qualify)

$5,000 in Prizes

1st prize - $1,250 2nd prize - $1,000 3rd prize - $750 Pool - $2,000 for 10 other qualifying teams

Bounty Submission Requirements

At a minimum submissions for prizes should include the following items:

  • The name and summary of the project
  • How the project uses to IPFS and/or Filecoin and/or decentralized storage services that build on top of either with example links to where in code those technologies are used.
  • Names/pseudonyms of team members and contact info (e.g., GitHub handle, email address, or other)
  • Provide comprehensive README, incl. a clear description of the work and mention of how our tech is used in the Technologies Used section of README.
  • 2-3 minute video that presents the idea, including a brief demo that demonstrates the use of IPFS and/or Filecoin or anything that builds on top of them.
  • If applicable, select the appropriate track when submitting the project.
  • Include a link to the working demo or provide a testing guide


  • Submitting the same project across multiple hackathons will lead to disqualification
  • Only projects or features (preferably in separate branch) built specifically for the respective hackathon will be considered for prizes
  • Broken links may disqualify the project from the judging process.
  • Using an IPFS HTTP gateway doesn’t count as building on top of IPFS. **Exclusively** basing your submission on that does not make you eligible for prizes.

Judging Criteria

Approach: Our judges grade submissions across five equally-weighted categories: 1) Design, 2) Novelty/Originality, 3) Technical Accomplishment, 4) Potential Impact, 5) Creativity/Fun. Submissions will be rated with decimal numbers between 1 (worst) - 5 (best) per category (max score: 25) by each judge. The final score is the average of all voting judges. If a project scores low, we reserve the right not to award prizes, even if it was the only project submitted to a given track.


  • Design: Is it easy to use? Does the visual design delight you? If targeting developers, is the experience smooth and intuitive?

  • Novelty/Originality: Does it have unique and novel features or combine features of other products or services in a unique and novel way?

  • Technical Accomplishment: Is the code elegant, clean, and technically interesting? Is the project complete? Does the project interact with IPFS/Filecoin under-the-hood (i.e., more than simply retrieve a CID from a gateway)?
  • Potential Impact: Does it fill a gap in the universe, and have the potential to be used frequently by a large, growing and diverse audience or market?

  • Creativity/Fun/Wow-Factor: Is it creative and put a smile on people’s faces?



Livepeer Bounty

$5,000 in Prizes

$3,000 for KILLER Web3 Video App – wow us! $2,000 for best use of our video-on-demand MVP that let’s you store video and mint video NFTs


Hacker Quick Start


Radicle Bounty


Best Project built on Drips

$5,000 in Prizes

1st prize - $3,000

2nd prize - $2,000



Hedera Bounty


The best usage of Hedera services

$2,500 in Prizes

Grand Prize - $2,500

Bounty Submission Requirements

We would like to see at least an MVP and link to your code to show that you have implemented Hedera into what you've built

Judging Criteria

Technical Execution: How has the team effectively utilized the available technologies?

Innovation: Is the project creative, new and disruptive?

Challenge Fit: How relevant is the project to the stated challenge?

Wow Factor: This includes things like the design of the application and what other technologies were integrated.



Getting Started

How to start developing on Hedera guide

How to deploy smart contracts on Hedera

Get started with the Hedera token service

Developer Discord

The Graph Bounty


Build a dapp leveraging an existing subgraph or built using your own custom subgraph

$2,500 in Prizes

1st Prize - $2,000

2nd Prize - $500

Bounty Submission Requirements

As long as the dapp is using a subgraph within the app, the project is eligible

Judging Criteria

As long as the dapp is using a subgraph within the app, the project is eligible




Kendyl Key Decentology

Niharika Singh Decentology

Shain Dholakiya Decentology

Uttam Singh Khanduja Polygon

Sandipan Kundu Polygon

Muskan Kalra Polygon

Ally Haire Filecoin

Nassar Hayat Radicle

Shann Wells Livepeer

Paige Glowacky Livepeer

Amritanshu Varshney Livepeer

Waylon Jepsen Hedera

Gehrig Kunz Hedera

Ed Marquez Hedera

Nader Dabit Edge & Node

Pranav Maheshwari The Graph

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